Free Classes Begin July 15

Now that summer is here, let the free yoga begin again!

A slight change to our classes: Gen Z Yoga classes are designed for children who are 10 and older. Parents are encouraged to bring a mat and participate, too!

We will always have mats for the children to use and free snacks, juice, and water.

Location and time of class will be posted next week, here and on our Facebook page.

Got questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.


Looking for Partners!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
—Helen Keller

Preach, Helen!

Evolution is a wonderful thing. And as Gen Z Yoga grows, we’re excited to discover new ways to reach our target group of yogis — middle school age children and up (including adults) with a serious interest in learning how to practice yoga and cultivate a mindful way of living.cropped-stock-yoga-21.jpg

To that end, we’re partnering with area youth centers, schools, and organizations that are similar to ours. (More information to come.)

If you’d like to be a partner in our weekly program that offers free yoga to underserved children in the Austin area, please contact us! We’re a mobile bunch.

If you have an idea that will help us reach our target group, please contact us!

If you want to participate in our fun and educational beginner yoga classes led by an awesome team of certified yoga instructors, please contact us!

Not every family or child can afford the high cost of taking regular yoga classes, but affordability shouldn’t be a deterrent. Every child deserves peace of mind.

Our next class is Saturday, November 12th. Location to be announced soon!


Flyer For Sharing!

Please help us spread the word about Gen Z Yoga!!! If you feel so inclined:
1.) Simply share this flyer on social media, OR
2.) Be a very zen-like spirit, print this out (old school style), and leave it in places around Austin where it may benefit someone you don’t even know, OR
3.) If you work in a school or in another area where there are young men and women, please print this out and pass them around.
Every child deserves peace of mind. Gen Z Yoga wants to help make sure each child has access to it.
Thank you!gen-z-yoga-flyer_web

How to Play a Singing Bowl

Today’s class was all about kindness and working together to achieve a goal. 20161001_102348

At the end of class, Alysia Bailey — one of our volunteer yoga teachers — gave students a lesson in playing a singing bowl.

A singing bowl is a type of bell used around the world to enhance meditation, music, and overall relaxation.

It may look like a simple instrument to play. It is NOT, but the kids did well! Take a look.


It may rain. It may NOT rain!

Oh, let’s risk it!
Thunderstorms are in tomorrow’s forecast. But a bit of warm rain never hurt a true yogi.
We’ll meet at 10 am (get there early to find parking) at Butler Park.
Class starts at 10 am sharp.
Children 8 – 14 years old (older kids and parents are welcome, too!)
We’ll bring water, snacks, and mats.

See you tomorrow!
(The Gen Z Yoga logo marks the spot where we’ll meet!)


We’re Going to Heaven, Yo(ga)!

(Every Friday, Charlotte Moore — founder of Gen Z Yoga — will share a thought or story about this project. Feel free to contact Charlotte at

Right around the time Gen Z Yoga came to be, I met a woman named Lene Saint-Orens. Lene is one of those gorgeous, stylish, powerhouse women who glides instead of walks. She’s the type of woman you see on the pages of Tribeza or sipping a glass of Chardonnay at a Laguna Gloria soiree.


Lene Saint-Orens, Founder of Wholesome Generation

Only, she’s so not that woman at all!!!

Lene is the most approachable, down-to-earth visionary who founded this fantastic alternative school in North Austin called Wholesome Generation. WG is this big, spacious, tan-colored edifice that sits on nearly six acres of land just west of I-35 off Parmer Lane. Despite the physical beauty of the place, it’s what happens inside the schoolhouse that blows my mind.

Most weekdays you’ll find the school filled with light, love, color, art, and those happy-happy noises happy-happy children make. You’ll find comfort; shoes rest at the front door so all who choose can walk around barefoot on the cool hardwood floors. You’ll likely be offered plates of some of the most delicious, flavorful, healthy food — the kind of food you wish you cooked and ate but don’t because … like … what??? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Well, Lene and Wholesome Generation do. They have time for that, and they’ll nourish you with it and you will love it. lene7

There is an enveloping atmosphere of serenity, diversity, acceptance, and love at 12251 Running Bird Lane.

When Lene heard about Gen Z Yoga, she immediately extended an invitation to us to use her space for some of our Saturday morning classes. I couldn’t have designed a more perfect place for the kind of service Gen Z wants to offer to growing children. Not to mention, our partnership is such a spot on no-brainer!

Free yoga + healthy food for all kids =
earthly fun and an automatic ticket into heaven, yo(ga)!

In the short time I’ve known her, Lene has been this quietly powerful, beautifully authentic, brilliantly organized collaborator, and a most treasured friend. Wholesome Generation is a gift she is giving to Austin area kids and to Gen Z Yoga.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s class at 10 am at WG. Bring your kids who are 8 – 14 years old. We have the mats, the water, the snacks, and more! Come out. Meet Lene. Tour the school. Eat some delicious snacks. Meet some lovely people.




Gen Z Yoga on KXAN’s “The CW Austin”

We were absolutely thrilled and honored to be able to share some details about Gen Z Yoga today on KXAN’s morning show.

Producer Jose Torres and anchors John Dabkovich and Sally Hernandez made us feel welcome. It was AMAZING to get the chance to explain 1.) how kids can certainly benefit from yoga, and 2.) that we want the underserved children of Austin to come out and have fun with us!

Click here for details about tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) free yoga class. And please spread the word about Gen Z Yoga. Every child deserves to experience the healing powers of this exercise.

Click here to view video.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 3.50.13 PM


8/27/16 FREE Yoga Class

The next FREE Gen Z Yoga class is set for this Saturday!
We’ll meet at Zilker Park near Rock Island on the great lawn. See the map below! Gen Z Yoga marks the spot.
If you have questions or if your child needs a ride, please contact us before Friday to set it up.
See you Saturday!