Gen Z Yoga is Here!


If you’re 8-14 years old, come do yoga with us!

Generation Z.

That group of kids born roughly between 1995 and 2015. Your “under 20” types. The little folks who have no first-hand knowledge of life on earth before social media.

Yes. Them.

They’re cuter than your millennials and way more willing to flow into Virabhadrasana II without an accompanying eyeroll. So, yeah, we’re going with them. Lene1

Starting in August, Gen Z Yoga will begin offering free, weekly yoga courses for students between the ages of 8 and 14. Each class will be taught by a volunteer certified yoga instructor.

Initially, there will be eight spots available for children who are economically disadvantaged. (We’ll operate by the honor code, so no pesky proof-of-income forms to fill out.)

If you know of a child who qualifies, please connect with us immediately and we’ll send you more information.

We strongly believe a child’s socioeconomic status should have no bearing on whether he or she reaps the restorative benefits of yoga. Click here to learn more about how Gen Z Yoga works.

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