Children Want Zen, Too!

Yoga is an amazing way to calm the mind, heal the body, and explore the spirit. It’s available to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Yet, we believe those who need the gift of yoga most — the underserved children in our community — aren’t exposed to yoga. Because of that, they don’t reap the benefits of the practice.

That’s about to change.

Where you are does not dictate where you can go. You are the master of your own destiny!

We believe every child should know where they are in life does not dictate who they are, or where they can go. A child’s socioeconomic status should not determine whether he or she is exposed to forms of movement and exercGenZPark1ise proven to promote mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. And, no matter what a child’s living circumstances, he or she should know how to access peace at any time by simply stopping, breathing, and going within.

Every child deserves peace of mind. Every child who wants to can understand their mind/body/spirit connection. And every child can get off the mat feeling beautiful and whole inside. If your child wants all that, he or she can have it.

Gen Z Yoga will make sure of it.

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