Looking for Partners!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
—Helen Keller

Preach, Helen!

Evolution is a wonderful thing. And as Gen Z Yoga grows, we’re excited to discover new ways to reach our target group of yogis — middle school age children and up (including adults) with a serious interest in learning how to practice yoga and cultivate a mindful way of living.cropped-stock-yoga-21.jpg

To that end, we’re partnering with area youth centers, schools, and organizations that are similar to ours. (More information to come.)

If you’d like to be a partner in our weekly program that offers free yoga to underserved children in the Austin area, please contact us! We’re a mobile bunch.

If you have an idea that will help us reach our target group, please contact us!

If you want to participate in our fun and educational beginner yoga classes led by an awesome team of certified yoga instructors, please contact us!

Not every family or child can afford the high cost of taking regular yoga classes, but affordability shouldn’t be a deterrent. Every child deserves peace of mind.

Our next class is Saturday, November 12th. Location to be announced soon!


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