Gen Z Yoga was borne out of a desire of a group of inspired yogis to introduce underserved children to the transformational practice of yoga.

Yoga has been proven to work wonders for adults seeking tranquility and stability in their lives. Well guess what? It works for children, too. But not all children have knowledge of or access to the healing powers of yoga.

That doesn’t work for us.
Lene3Gen Z Yoga focuses on those less fortunate children who deserve as much as any other child to reap the rewards of a fun, steady yoga practice.

Beginning in August (specific dates to come) certified volunteer yoga teachers will begin leading Gen Z Yoga classes for children between the ages of 8 and 14 (the “Z” generation.) Any child is welcome, but Gen Z Yoga will sponsor up to eight children at a time who have an interest in, and obstacles that keep them from, practicing yoga. Sponsorship includes providing the child with a yoga mat and water during the class, and rides to and from that week’s location. Most of the classes will occur outside in nature at places like the Lady Bird Hike & Bike trail area, Zilker Park, Auditorium Shores, and other parks and recreational venues around Austin. (Any other children are welcome, but they will be required to bring their own yoga mat and water and parents or guardians will be responsible for getting the child to and from class.)

If you would like more information about Gen Z Yoga, or you know of a child who may qualify for sponsorship, please contact us and someone will send you a message.

Help us level the playing field by exposing all kids to yoga.