Meet the Instructors


genztransparentGen Z Yoga is thrilled to introduce you to the generous certified yoga instructors who have volunteered to teach our weekly classes.



Isabelle Mitura

Isabelle was first introduced to yoga in 1999. Since then her practice has spanned a breadth of lineages and styles. She received her 200-hour foundation teacher training certification from Sacred Roots Yoga School in Austin, completed a mentorship with Steven Ross there, and is trained in kids yoga with Little Yoga House. Combined with her masters in teaching, Isabelle built a children-focused yoga class taught through games, pranayama, meditation and mindfulness. Her adult-focused classes can be described as “Raja light,” bringing the same playfulness and joy. She lives in northeast Austin with her dog and chickens where she is focused on nurturing the surrounding neighborhoods.


Amber Santa Cruz

Amber’s yoga practice began in 2007 as a complement to running and biking.  She turned to yoga for stretching, but quickly started to feel the deeper benefits of the practice.  Yoga empowered her to cultivate a sense of well-being from within.  Her practice taught her to listen and observe rather than rush and react. Amber’s teaching style is lighthearted and calming with emphasis on finding what feels good in your body. Her classes encourage a balance of ease and effort, and she enjoys teaching slow flow vinyasa with emphasis on the breath.  She is a graduate of Texas A&M University and works full time for Optimum Health Institute, a holistic retreat center that specializes in cleansing the body and quieting the mind.  She completed Eastside Yoga’s 200-Hour Teacher Training, studying primarily under Steven Ross and Mary Renee.  Amber feels grateful to be in a community with such diverse and knowledgeable teachers to help us all continue on this path.

Alysia BaileyAlysia

My name is Alysia. I find my yoga practice to be quite healing in many ways. I also find joy in coming to my mat, no matter what goes on throughout the day. That is what keeps me coming back. The fact that the asana, the physical aspect of yoga, continues to show me the value and benefits of hard work is just a plus. I truly believe that linking breath to movement is magical. Putting all of us in a place where we can let go of the anxieties and pressure of the past and future and just be in the present moment. This is something yoga has taught me to practice even off of my mat. In my classes I focus strongly on the breath and unique transitions from pose to pose to keep things interesting. This is such a great opportunity for me as I hope I can share yoga and all of its benefits with someone young and new. I look forward to seeing you on the mat in the upcoming future.


Kandice Klumb

After selling her belongings and embarking on a 4-year international quest for happiness, Kandice found herself in Austin coming to the realization that perhaps it is not the external world that dictates happiness.  With that, in her continued search for self-improvement, self-compassion and trauma relief, she started a daily yoga practice.  After discovering the comfort that yoga and meditation provided, she enrolled in a 200-hour teacher training course at Eastside Yoga’s Sacred Roots Yoga School to demystify the incredible effects that yoga can have on one’s life.  It was during the course that the desire to share this with others was realized.


If you would like to volunteer to teach yoga for kids with Gen Z Yoga, please contact us and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. We’d love to have you help us out!
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